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About Littlefield High School

School Song

Maroon and White,

You know how to fight.

We know you’ll win,

And if you fight it won't be long, 

‘Till we’ll all see, 

A new victory, 

So loyal and true

To your colors you must ever be. 

Our colors gay, 

They shine out today, 

They fill our hearts, 

With courage and the will to win.

Let’s pledge our might, 

To honor and right.

Press onward and upward,

With loyalty to L.H.S. 


HS Bully Report

HS Threat Report

Bully and Threats of any type are not acceptable at Littlefield ISD. To create a positive and safe environment for our students requires everyone to do their part. If a student or a staff member feels that they are being bullied or threatened in any way, they are encouraged to report the incident immediately so that it can be handled. 

At Littlefield High School, students and staff can always report incidents in person to an administrator or teacher. To report anonymously or in writing because of other situations, there are forms that can be used. Reporting forms can be found under HS Report It found on the W.I.L.D.C.A.T Link boxes. If you feel it is a bullying situation, there a Bullying Form that has more detail, or a Threat Form that you can give your own details about an incident that you observed. 

Here are more resources about Bullying and how to respond. 

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Littlefield High School
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